A House that Kliks

KLIK-KLIK™ Wall System
from Cross-laminated Timber
for Exposed Wooden Walls Interiour

Building with KLIK-KLIK™ is Faster, Cheaper and More Eco-friendly

A Wall Structure That Kliks for a House that Amazes

Often the most challenging parts of a building – be it a tool shed, garden office or a full-scale family home – is it’s wall structure.

KLIK-KLIK™ Wall System makes it easy to get one standing – even by yourself.

Klik-klik clt wall system

What is KLIK-KLIK™

KLIK-KLIK™ is cross-laminated timber lightweight wall panels with unique screw-less joints, which are stronger than a traditional screw joint. Panels are made to be easy and fast to assemble even by yourself. You can call it real-world lego or DIY house walls – what matters – you can assemble your house walls without special tools, additional support constructions, management or supervision in a matter of hours.

Patented Wall Design

Patented Wall Design

Why Choose KLIK-KLIK™

to assemble

Up to 100 m2 wall structure can be assembled as quickly as in 24 hours – 2 men, ladder and a wooden mallet. Contrary the construction of masonry walls takes a lot of time and additional expenses for interior wall decoration.

easy to get standing

To put up your new walls you do not need the whole construction crew and management. It is so easy – you can even do it yourself with a little help of a friend.

Eco friendly – for you and the planet

CLT – cross laminated timber is close to zero waste, has low carbon footprint and is workable with precision tolerance of just 0.1 mm.

Building with KLIK-KLIK™ is Faster, Low-cost
and More Eco-friendly

you can save up to 23000 for a 100 m2 house, compared to traditional building methods

ENGINEERINGArchitect services, custom solutions, adaptation to customer needsArchitect services, custom solutions, adaptation to customer needsUse of the KLIK-KLIK™ application, support of the KLIK-KLIK™ team, solutions with minor limitations50% of the project value,
or ~ 3000 Euro
Simple pile
foundation solutions are not possible
Foundation solutions
for all types of
buildings are possible
We recommend using pile foundation solutions in a normal geological situationCompared to base plate or strip foundations,
2000 – 4000 Euro
In addition to higher
competences, a professional team and a supervisor are required
In addition to higher
competences, a professional team and a supervisor are required
Simplified assembly, possible DIY development. The required amount of materials from the KLIK-KLIK application6000 Euro for the supervisor. Material savings of 5-8%,
or 1000-4000 Euro
DIY is also possible, but there are significantly higher requirements for competence, the necessary additional materials and the competence of the performerA professional team
is required
DIY by following
the assembly instructions
Heavy equipment
is not required, work can be done using light equipment and hand-held power tools
INTERNAL/EXTERNAL FINISHINGFull development cycleFull development cycleA large part of interior finishing is not necessary, because KLIK-KLIK™ is an exposed wood CLT panel
Savings 3000-6000 Euro (30-60 Euro/m2)

Total savings 15 000 – 23 000 € per 100 m2

Comparison of building a 100m2 3-bedroom house walls with CLT Big Elements vs. KLIK-KLIK™ Wall System

you can save up to 20% of total costs

Klik-Klik™ is a CLT panel wall system that is perfect for designing and building small houses.
As an architect, I see the advantage of the Klik-Klik™ system due to both the visual aesthetic of the material and the sustainability solution.

Cooperation with CLT factory has proven Klik-Klik™ walls system to be fast and convenient way to prepare all necessary specifications and work with the product. I would especially recommend Klik-Klik™ system for small buildings, where construction works are plannded by own forces, because it is convenient and quick to implement.
Līga Rutka, architect
Rose en de Bie Architects and Urbanists is delighted to announce our collaboration with CLT Factory. The exceptional Klik-Klik™ walls system, featuring CLT panels, offers not only a rapid and efficient construction solution but also seamlessly blends visual aesthetics with sustainable practices, creating a harmonious combination.

This system perfectly meets the contempory requirements of Dutch housing projects. Our initial experience with the Klik-Klik elements has revealed its immense potential and inherent advantages.”

Marco Rose, architect, Rose en de Bie Architects Urbanists (RedB)
Klik-Klik Wall System from cross-laminated timber construction material offers significant advantages compared to traditional carpentry and wood construction methods. Thanks to mechanised, precise, and efficient prefabrication, and design flexibility, Klik-Klik provides the opportunity to combine traditional carpentry construction methods with modern ones, ensuring more sustainable and economically viable construction solutions. At the same time, Klik-Klik Wall System positively impacts the environment by reducing waste and promoting sustainable construction, making it a popular choice in contemporary construction. 
Jānis Straupe, old master of wood carving and carpentry

Stronger than a Traditional Screw Joint

Stronger than a Traditional Screw Joint


Creates your dream house plan with couple of clicks, including:

  • whole building layout;
  • roof configuration and loads;
  • exact dimentions of walls for insulation and exterior decoration;
  • exact dimensions and number of windows and doors;
  • exact number of laths;
  • exact number of screws.
Open design app on computer

Build your Own Design House or Choose from a Ready-Made Wall Project

Create your own design house walls

Create you custom KLIK-KLIK™ wall plan in an easy-to-use 3-D visualisation app. Order your unique wall structure with one klik

Open design app on computer

Order predesigned project walls with one klik

Get inspired from our ergonomic, ready-made wall projects – all made with KLIK-KLIK™ and order all wall structures with one klik

The material

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is:

  • ecological, renewable, sustainable mass timber material;
  • provides for a low ecological footprint;
  • creates buildings with excellent thermal and sound isolation;
  • offers high living comfort in timber clad interiors.

The joint

Minimum effort, maximum result

Using our extensive knowledge in timber construction and carpentry, CLT Factory has created KLIK-KLIK™ Wall System for connecting CLT wall panels with a unique screwless joint. It allows anyone to create a wall structure for anything from a simple tool shed or a garden office to a family home.

Read more how it works in KLIK-KLIK™ Workbook

Patented Screw-less Joint

Patented Screw-less Joint

KLIK-KLIK™ Walls Create Gorgeous Interior – Perfect if You Love Exposed Wood

You do not need additional time, money and colouring decisions for your natural wooden interior – KLIK-KLIK walls are clean and smooth creating a lovely and warm feeling

The Process


Open KLIK-KLIK™ 3D app, imagine and draw your future house.


Order KLIK-KLIK™ wall structure online.


Get your KLIK-KLIK™ walls in 2 weeks and roll up the sleeves.


Assemble your KLIK-KLIK™ walls in 1-3 days. Enjoy the result.

start now Open design app on computer

Create your own design house walls

Open design app on computer

Order predesigned project walls with one klik

What are You Getting

A wall structure that stands for sustainability, harmony and well–being.

From a simple tool shed or garden office to a family home.  

180 m2 house KLIK-KLIK™ wall structure assembled by four people in 24 hours

Lightweight panels

Lightweight panels

Frequently Asked Questions

The KLIK-KLIK™ wall construction system is a full-cycle “LEGO” system for building walls, which includes both project development using the application, architectural development support, and full instructions for assembling panels at the facility.

The KLIK-KLIK™ wall system uses CLT material, which is recognized as the most sustainable construction solution. It is important to emphasize that, compared to the classic CLT large-sized panel assembly, which requires the use of heavy equipment for wall assembly, KLIK-KLIK™ assembly can be performed using hand tools, reducing the CO2 footprint of the object assembly by more than 60%, compared to large-sized CLT assembly.

KLIK-KLIK™ panels are made using CLT material, the mechanical parameters of which allow the design of multi-story buildings. Therefore, the KLIK-KLIK™ solution in the construction of a one-story building is completely appropriate, and by using the KLIK-KLIK™ application, you will be able to realize the project of your dream house in KLIK-KLIK™.

Since natural wood is used in the production of CLT, a human-friendly microclimate is provided in the premises.

The KLIK-KLIK™ wall system provides a 45-minute fire protection class, which is comparable to the fire protection requirements for the construction of multi-storey residential buildings.

The KLIK-KLIK™ solution is a full-cycle building wall construction solution that provides practically all architectural solutions. At the same time, if necessary, KLIK-KLIK™ can be combined with any other construction technology.

In order to preserve the quality of the aesthetic solution of the natural exposed wood and the seamless structure of the building walls, a separate panel has been developed for the electrical installation, in which the installation of electrical wires is planned.

Information on how to work with KLIK-KLIK™ can be found in these materials:
KLIK-KLIK™ workbook
Axonometry view of panels – example

For indoor finishing, we recommend keeping the exposed wood, however, if necessary, any other type of wall finishing can be used. The exterior finish is made according to the heat and sound requirements, according to the technical solution.

KLIK-KLIK™ has very good sound insulation, because the wall system uses five-layer 100mm CLT, which provides sound insulation of 34dB without internal and external finishing.

The dream house begins with the development of the layout of the building’s premises. Open the KLIK-KLIK™ application, follow the instructions and create the project of your dream house.

If you do not find all the interesting answers in our web page, please write the questions to faq@cltfactory.com

Building foundations and engineering communications must be constructed in accordance with the project.

KLIK-KLIK assembly can be done using hand power tools, for wall assembly you will need to use a mobile scaffolding tower or pair of ladders.

When using the materials lifting safety equipment, which allows you to move the weight up to 38 kg, the assembly of the panels can be done in pair of two. Make sure or act in relation to the national occupational safety requirements!!! We can also recommend using Mobile Vacuum Glass Lifters. It is important to note that the weight of the heaviest panel is only 72 kg

The KLIK-KLIK™ wall system panel is a patented wall construction system that is constructed from CLT and uses a unique screwless wedge assembly solution for the panel joints, preserving the exposed wood structure in the interior finish.

Easy and Fast

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